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Niantic Labs' link

International Trade Commission announces probe into wearable devices by Fitbit, Garmin, and other companies following a patent infringement complaint from Philips and Philips North America; Philips seeks tariffs or an import ban; the ITC noted it had not yet determined the merits of the case . link

A group representing brick-and-mortar retailers in India plans protests across 300 cities coinciding with Jeff Bezos' visit to the country, which reportedly includes an Amazon event in New Delhi targeting relationships with SMEs; Bezos reportedly will meet with the prime minister and other government officials . link

The Wall Street Journal tours Adobe's redesigned 1M-square-foot headquarters in San Jose; the building houses 3.5k employees and features a wellness center, community garden, three cafes, and an entire floor dedicated to Photoshop; Adobe built the offices in 1994; designer Natalie Engels explains how she used color theory and open spaces to create a refreshing and vibrant environment . link

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Zweig argues cheap stocks are likely to recover and return significant gains; investors over-enthusiastic about growth stocks have driven prices, but value stocks should eventually outperform Amazon, Netflix, and other big tech stocks; value has underperformed growth for at least ten years, and value stocks are the cheapest they've ever been in relation to growth stocks . link

Wells Fargo's outdated systems are hampering the bank's ability to meet regulators' demands, according to current and former employees speaking with The Wall Street Journal; regulators have identified problems with the bank's cybersecurity, risk management, more; last February, an outage at a MN data center disrupted nationwide services . link

G/O Media (formerly Gizmodo Media) announces Deadspin will relocate to Chicago and operate in the same building as fellow G/O site The Onion; Deadspin stopped publishing new content shortly after a mass exodus of New York City writers in October; the writers quit in protest of then-Editorial Director Paul Maidment's demand that they write exclusively about sports; Maidment stepped down in November . link

Charter-owned TV and internet service provider Spectrum to shut down its home security and automation service on Feb 5, and has declined to refund customers who purchased equipment; the touch screens, cameras, sensors, and smart thermostats are not compatible with other services, and will no longer be accessible via mobile devices . link

Instagram updates its Boomerang feature with new editing and effects options; Boomerang enables users to create videos with a forward-backward playback loop; the new effects are slow motion, motion blur, and a glitchy look; the new editing tool enables trimming . link

London-based international currency exchange Travelex is examining employee laptops and other devices for signs of ransomware in an effort to contain and limit the effects of a holiday attack, Financial Times reports; the perpetrators have threatened to publish client data including credit card numbers if Travelex doesn't pay a $6M ransom; the attack has impacted HSBC, Barclays, and other Travelex customers . link

Tencent reveals WeChat users spent $115B in the social platform's link

Instagram removes posts and accounts expressing positive sentiment regarding deceased Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, citing compliance with US sanctions; President Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization in April, and Instagram removed Soleimani's page at that time . link

Margins argues Facebook's PR has become combative, condescending, and sloppy since the company admitted that COO Sheryl Sandberg asked communications staffers to research George Soros' financial interests to determine if he stood to gain from criticizing Facebook; Margins also cites the recently leaked memo by VP of AR/VR Andrew Bosworth . link

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa says the company is researching AR and how the company could use it in interesting ways; Nintendo previously experimented with AR on the 3DS and launched a cardboard VR kit for the Switch . link

Affordable Wi-Fi 6 routers at CES indicate widespread adoption is near, The Verge reports; though CES 2019 saw some routers supporting Wi-Fi 6, the premium devices were priced above the average last-generation routers and mesh systems; support in popular consumer devices, including the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, will drive widespread adoption . link

The Verge's Dieter Bohn lists eight major takeaways from CES: TV companies are pushing premium features; foldable computers are in the prototype stage, but they are coming; AMD and Intel's battle will intensify; CES was long on concepts, short on products; Quibi was the big CES launch and stakes are high; smaller companies will push back on big tech in 2020; sex tech will be de-stigmatized; link

The Wall Street Journal details Google's push into health data, including what sources relayed as a failed data-storage deal with health-data company Cerner; Google reportedly offered significant discounts and incentives but put Cerner off with vague responses to how Google might use the data; Google has data agreements with numerous health companies and is developing a search engine for doctors and nurses . link

Hospitals, imaging centers, and medical offices are storing patients' X-rays, ultrasounds, and other medical images on publicly accessible servers; ~half of the 1B vulnerable images are from US patients, according to research led by German security firm Greenbone Networks; the files include patient names, dates of birth, diagnoses, more . link

Facebook ($622B market cap) closed at an all-time high of $218.30 on Thursday and hit an all-time intraday high of $219.88 on Friday; the stock finished down 0.11% on Friday; the previous closing peak, set in July 2018, gave way to a slump, and the stock lost almost half of its value by December 2018 - attributable to decreased profit margins . link

The Wall Street Journal lists tech from this year's CES that could appear in mobile phones; ultrasound-powered invisible buttons could rest behind body divots and provide haptic feedback; tactile changes in the surface could make virtual elements feel physical and benefit the visually impaired; the entire surface of a device could scan fingerprints; electrochromic glass could hide cameras; on-device digital assistant processing is likely . link

Apple launches replacement program for Smart Battery Cases manufactured between January 2019 and October 2019; Apple said affected cases might not charge, might charge intermittently, or might not charge an iPhone; the company said there were no safety issues; the program supports cases for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR . link

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Shanghai-based AI firm Zhizhen Network files a $1.43B patent infringement suit against Apple; Zhizhen recently won a patent for a voice assistant similar to Siri; the suit seeks to block the Chinese production, sale, and use of products using the contested tech, which describes virtually all of Apple's offerings . link

Zoom says it will suspend direct sales in China from Aug 23; the company notes it’s moving to a “partner-only model,” working with Bizconf Communications, Suiri Zhumu Video Conference, and Systec Umeet, who will offer its commercial products; Zoom says its making the change to provide better local support . link

China-based AI tech firm Xiao-i files a 10B yuan (~$1.4B) patent infringement lawsuit against Apple; Xiao-i claims Apple’s Siri assistant violates its voice-recognition tech; Xiao-i first lodged a legal complaint about the issue in 2012 . link

SoftBank has spent ~$3.8B on stock buybacks between July 1 and Aug 3; the company purchased 63.2M during the period; it has spent ~$9.5B on buybacks since March . link

ByteDance plans to establish a London HQ, according to British newspaper The Sun; UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has approved the move; an official announcement is expected soon; The Sun indicates ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming and former TikTok CEO Alex Zhu may also relocate to London . link

Healthtech firm Lemonaid Health raises $33M Series B led by Olive Tree Ventures with participation from Artis Ventures and others; the company operates a telemedicine primary care platform; has raised $55M to date . link

Stic Investments plans to invest $200M in Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Grab, according to Bloomberg sources; Stic will invest $100M from one of its existing funds, while raising the rest from other backers; Stic has ~$4.5B under management . link

A court in China has ruled against Tencent and ByteDance in two separate data handling cases; the Beijing Internet Court says Tencent subsidies WeChat and WeRead cannot share user data; ByteDance-owned Douyin (the Chinese-language version of TikTok) was found to have inappropriately used public data to generate suggested follower lists . link

India-based hotel service Oyo names Ryoma Yamamoto as CEO of its Japanese business; the company has also promoted Ryota Tanozaki to serve as Yamamoto’s deputy; comes as the Oyo merges its hotel-booking and short-term rental units . link

ByteDance accuses Facebook of “plagiarism and smears”; the company made the comments via its news aggregation app Jinri Toutiao; China-based ByteDance also says it has faced “unimaginable difficulties” in becoming a global firm; the post did not discuss the possible sale of TikTok to Microsoft . link

At least one other large firm has shown interest in acquiring TikTok, according to Bloomberg sources; some of ByteDance’s investors have also looked at owning a direct stake in the social app; aside from Microsoft, it’s unclear if any other discussions are still ongoing . link

Facebook has blocked 12 accounts belonging to allies of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro; the country’s Supreme Court ordered the move earlier this year because the individuals are facing charges of spreading false news online; the court notes Facebook had not fully complied with a previous order; Facebook denies the claim, calling the ruling “extreme”; Twitter was also told to block 16 accounts, though the company has filed an appeal . link

All-In E6: Big Tech Antitrust AftermathJason speaks with Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks, and David Friedberg about the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Tim Cook; they discuss how an M&A clampdown could affect Silicon Valley and more . link

SpaceX returns NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to Earth via the Crew Dragon capsule, ending their two-month mission aboard the International Space Station; represents SpaceX's first completed passenger mission, intended to prove Crew Dragon's capabilities; SpaceX plans crewed missions in September and the spring . link

Court documents reveal how the FBI identified three suspects in the July 15 Twitter hack, which saw high profile accounts hijacked as part of a crypto scam; 17-year-old Graham Clark allegedly accessed one of Twitter's internal Slack workspaces to attain credentials for one of Twitter's tech support tools, then used a spear-phishing attack to bypass two-factor authentication . link

London's TechHub files for administration 10 years after Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher founded it; Varley said the pandemic resulted in a 75-percent reduction in revenues as startups stopped using the spaces; she said tenants raised $1B-plus over the years; Divide sold to Google and Nexmo sold to Vonage . link

This Week in StartupsJason speaks with Nikola Founder Trevor Milton about competing with Tesla, Nikola's business model, why hydrogen hasn't taken off, how and why the trucking industry is phasing out diesel, how WeWork's downfall pushed Nikola to go public, going public as a pre-revenue company, more . link

This Week in Startups: Emergency Pod!Jason reacts to the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Tim Cook; Jason grades legislators' performance and that of the executives; lawmakers addressed Amazon's alleged use of data from third-party marketplace sellers to inform the development of Amazon's private-label products, more . link

Apple is asking its retail landlords in the UK to waive rent for a period and to reduce rent by 50 percent, The Sunday Times reports; the company operates 38 retail locations in the UK, and reportedly has offered to extend leases with those that accept the terms; retail landlords in the UK have reduced rent for other tenants due to a pandemic-related drop in foot traffic . link

Pro sports teams are testing the use of facial-recognition tech to reduce the spread of coronavirus at events; the Los Angeles Football Club plans to use facial recognition cameras in conjunction with fans' Ticketmaster profiles for stadium admission; the Mets are using facial recognition to authenticate players entering the stadium and might roll out the system for fan admission . link

Microsoft pauses negotiations to acquire TikTok from ByteDance after President Trump opposed the deal, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal; after Trump expressed opposition, ByteDance Founder Zhang Yiming reportedly agreed to sell his stake in TikTok and TikTok agreed to add 10k jobs in the US over three years; it's unclear if Trump is considering the concessions . link

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Microsoft to shut down the Cortana apps for iOS and Android next year; will also remove Cortana from the first-generation Surface Headphones and Harman Kardon's Invoke speakers; the company will end support for third-party Cortana skills next month . link

Apple acquires Canadian payment acceptance company Mobeewave for ~$100M, according to Bloomberg sources; the company's app enables users to accept contactless payments from other phones and credit/debit cards; the app only requires NFC, which iPhones have featured for years; previously raised $26.6M . link

President Trump to prohibit TikTok from operating in the US; he told reporters on Friday night that he would sign a document on Saturday banning the app; Bloomberg reported Friday that the administration would order ByteDance to sell TikTok's US operations and that Microsoft was in talks to acquire it (with ByteDance retaining a stake); White House adviser Peter Navarro previously said a sale would not resolve the TikTok problem .Update: ByteDance agrees to divest itself completely of TikTok, according to Reuters sources; the Chinese company previously sought to retain a stake but the White House rejected the proposal; under the new reported terms, Microsoft would take control of TikTok's US operations and some US investors would have the option to take minority stakes . link

The FAA authorizes Rocket Lab to resume launches three weeks after a failed mission in which an engine shut down early, causing an Electron rocket and all satellites on board to burn up in the atmosphere; the company expects to launch this month from New Zealand . link

This Week in StartupsJason speaks with Big Sky Health CEO Mike Maser about learning to run a business at scale, focusing on what matters as a veteran founder, why consumers are willing to pay for great software, using SaaS burner cards, building Zero Fasting with Kevin Rose, more . link

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Apple ($1.84T market cap) surpasses Saudi Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco to become the most valuable publicly-traded company in the world; Apple stock closed up more than 10 percent on Friday following a record-breaking earnings report; the company generated $59.7B in revenue in FQ3, up 11 percent year-over-year . link

Inflight Wi-Fi provider Gogo ($243M market cap) lays off 143 employees representing ~14 percent of the IL company's workforce; Gogo furloughed 600 workers and cut executive pay in April; the company was transitioning from air-to-ground communications to satellite networks before the pandemic, and previously said its plans to transition to 5G in 2021 were unaffected by furloughs . link

Authorities have charged three people for their alleged roles in the July 15 Twitter breach, in which the attackers hijacked high profile accounts to perpetrate a bitcoin scam; authorities have accused a 17-year-old FL boy with orchestrating the attack, convincing a Twitter employee to provide credentials for internal tools . link

President Trump to prohibit TikTok from operating in the US; he told reporters on Friday night that he would sign a document on Saturday banning the app; Bloomberg reported Friday that the administration would order ByteDance to sell TikTok's US operations and that Microsoft was in talks to acquire it; White House adviser Peter Navarro previously said a sale would not resolve the TikTok problem . link

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Atlassian acquires Jira-based asset management firm Mindville; terms undisclosed; Mindville, headquartered in Sweden, provides tools for tracking and handling enterprise assets . link

Japan-based Rakuten announces the closure of its US marketplace, formerly known as; Rakuten Marketplace US will shut down over two months; Rakuten notes it will continue to operate its cash back rewards service, which it established after acquiring Ebates in 2014 . link

Social video app firm Triller files a patent infringement lawsuit against TikTok; Trillier is accusing TikTok of violating “systems and methods for creating music videos synchronized with an audio track”; Triller co-founders David Leiberman and Samuel Rubin secured the patent in 2017; TechCrunch indicates Triller may also file a lawsuit against Facebook over Instagram’s TikTok-like Reels . link

China-based ByteDance is considering an Hong Kong IPO for its domestic operations, according to Reuters sources; the firm is also weighing whether to list TikTok and other non-Chinese businesses in Europe or the US; a Hong Kong listing is expected to value ByteDance at more than $100B . link

Google teases a phone launch for Aug 3; expected to be the long-rumored Pixel 4A; a link to a Google Store page displays lorem ipsum text that seemingly hints at camera features including low-light performance, image bokeh, and more . link

Jeff Bezos wanted Amazon to purchase Ring for its position in the market, rather than for its tech; in email released by the House Judiciary Committee, Bezos noted “that market position and momentum is very valuable”; Amazon acquired Ring in 2018 for ~$840M . link

Amazon ($1.5T market cap) Q2 beats: $88.9B revenue, up 40 percent year-on-year ($81.6B expected); $10.30 EPS ($1.46 expected); $10.8B AWS revenue, up 29 percent year-on-year . link

Facebook ($669B market cap) Q2 beats: $18.7B market cap, up 11 percent year-on-year ($17.4B expected); $5.2B net income, up 98 percent year-on-year; 1.8B DAUs, up 12 percent year-on-year; 2.7B MAUs, up 12 percent year-on year . link

Self-driving tech firm Argo AI has a valuation of $7.5B; the confirmation comes several months after Volkswagen completed a $2.6B investment in the firm; Ford invested $1B in Argo in 2017; VW and Ford will each eventually hold a 40 percent stake in the company . link

Chip imports to China via Hong Kong have risen 11 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2020; the trade saw a 21 percent year-on-year climb in June alone; the South China Morning Post notes there is an expectation among importers that US sanctions will soon outlaw such operations . link

Apple’s board approves a four-for-one stock split; for each share an investor holds, they will soon own four, thereby reducing the buying price of a single stock; the split will occur Aug 24, with trading on a split-adjusted basis starting Aug 31 . link

Apple confirms its new iPhone models will launch a few weeks later than they typically do; exact launch date undisclosed, but Apple usually launches its iPhones in mid to late September; follows Qualcomm’s disclosure that its earnings would be impacted by the delayed release a 5G iPhone from a key customer . link

Apple (~$1.7T market cap) Q3 beats: $59.7B revenue, up 11 percent year-on-year ($52.2B expected); $2.58 EPS ($2.04 expected); $26.4B iPhone revenue ($22.4B expected); $13.2B services revenue ($13.2B expected); Apple’s stock climbed 5 percent in after-hours trading . link

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Healthtech firm Sema4 raises $121M Series C on a $1B post-money valuation led by BlackRock with participation from Deerfield Management Company and others; Sema4 offers predictive health analysis tools; has raised $241M to date . link

Marketing services firm Infobip raises $200M on a post-money valuation of more than $1B from One Equity Partners, according to Reuters sources; Infobip, founded in Croatia but based in London, offers omnichannel marketing tools to enterprise customers . link

Direct-to-consumer hearing aid firm Eargo raises $71M Series E led by Glide Healthcare and Longitude Capital with participation from the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation and others; the company offers devices, online hearing screenings, and more; has raised $206M to date . link

Walmart rolls out a voice assistant for use by its in-store workforce; known as Ask Sam, the tool lets staff look up prices, find products, access store maps, and more; the system was initially developed for Walmart-owned Sam’s Club . link

Some ByteDance investors posit TikTok could be worth $50B as a standalone firm, according to Reuters sources; the valuation is 50 times TikTok’s projected 2020 revenue of $1B; by comparison, Snap is valued at $33B, equal to 15 times its projected 2020 revenue; follows reports some of ByteDance’s US investors want to acquire a majority stake in TikTok . link

TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer says the company will share code showing how its content-moderation system works; in a post announcing the move, Mayer says Facebook and others should do the same; Mayer also accuses Facebook of “maligning attacks,” that he says are “disguised as patriotism” . link

Google announces an iOS app for backing up device data (currently available to Google One customers using an Android smartphone); Google notes it will make smartphone backup free to all users, irrespective of whether they have a Google One premium plan or not; unclear when the new features will be available . link

The House Judiciary Committee questioned Sundar Pichai over Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick in 2007; Google co-founder Sergey Brin initially promised the company would not mix its own user data with DoubleClick’s, but later changed that policy in 2016; Pichai confirmed he personally signed off on the change . link

Snap publishes its first diversity report; women account for 32.9 percent of the company’s global workforce, up 0.9 percent since 2018; women are 16 percent of Snapchat’s tech teams, leadership of which is 7 percent female; Black employees account for 4.1 percent of the firm’s workforce, while Hispanic staff are 6.8 percent; Snap’s leadership is 70.4 percent White, 16.5 Asian, 2.6 percent Black, 2.6 Hispanic, 0.9 percent Native American/Pacific Islander, 7 percent multiracial .Snap says it will hire twice as many women in tech roles by 2023; it also plans to double the number of employees from underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups by the same year . link

Jeff Bezos says he does not remember signing off on a plan to undercut competitor Quidsi before buying it in 2010; Rep Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) cited emails showing Amazon was prepared to lose $200M a month on diapers as it sought to weaken the parent firm of; Bezos says he is also unsure about the details of Project Cheetah, an internal plan to purportedly target small publishers . link

Personal workout firm Tempo raises $60M Series B led by Norwest Venture Partners and General Catalyst with participation from Founders Fund and others; the company offers a home gym system offering online classes and more; has raised ~$80M to date . link

Apple agreed to cut its App Store fees in half for Amazon’s Prime Video app in 2016; emails released as part of a Congressional probe show Apple SVP Eddy Cue and Jeff Bezos were directly involved in the negotiations; Apple settled on 15 percent commission for those who signed up for Prime Video in-app, and also added Siri support . link

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India-based edtech firm Toppr raises $46M Series D led by Foundation Holdings with participation from Kaizen Private Equity; Toppr offers exam preparation services to school-age students; has raised $92M to date . link

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) says next year’s CES will be an all-digital event; citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, CTA says it’s working out how best to connect exhibitors, the media, and customers . link

Elon Musk says Tesla is open to licensing its tech to competitors; in a tweet, Musk also suggests the firm could provide powertrains and batteries to other companies; in response to another Twitter user, Musk seems to suggest third-parties could license Tesla’s autopilot . link

On-demand electric moped firm Revel suspends operations in NYC following the death of a rider; the 32-year-old man reportedly lost control of the bike and collided with a streetlight; it’s the second time this month a Revel rider has died; another was recently critically injured . link

Programming Q&A platform Stack Overflow raises $85M Series E led by GIC with participation from Silver Lake, Andreessen Horowitz, and others; the company operates a community space for developers to post their coding questions and share answers; has raised $153M to date . link

RangeForce, a cybersecurity training service, raises $16M Series A led by Energy Impact Partners with participation from Trind Ventures and others; the company operates a cloud-based platform to help enterprise customers learn how to handle cyberattacks; has raised $19M to date . link

Jeff Bezos’ prepared remarks for his appearance in front of the House Judiciary Committee have been released; Bezos will explain how Amazon employs more than 1M people, and that some of its marketplace sellers earn more than $100k per year; Bezos will also discuss the company’s high brand trust among consumers . link

AMC and Universal Pictures agree to a new theatrical-to-digital window for movies; under the agreement, Universal and its subsidiaries will run their films in theaters for at least three consecutive weekends before a making them available for online purchase; follows a dispute between the companies after the online success of “Trolls: World Tour” . link

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pull a Breitbart video featuring misleading info about the coronavirus pandemic; features a group calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors,” falsely stating hydroxychloroquine and other substances are effective treatments for COVID-19; President Trump has shared several versions of the clip, all of which have been taken down .Facebook says it took the company “longer than expected” to remove the debunked content; the company says it will investigate how the video was able to garner more than 20M views on its platform before any action was taken; the company says it will redirect those who shared or interacted with it to authoritative sources on COVID-19 .Twitter locked Donald Trump Jr’s account for 12 hours after he shared the video; his account Twitter says the tweet was in violation of its COVID-19 misinformation policy; President Trump’s account has not been locked . link

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Google commissions a new undersea fiber cable to link the US and the UK; the company says the line, named Grace Hopper after the computer scientist, will be among the first between the two countries since 2003; it will also route to Spain, the first time a Google cable has connected to the country; its expected to be established in 2022 . link

Biotech firm Geltor raises $91.3M Series B led by CPT Capital with participation from WTT Investment, Cultivian Sandbox, and others; Geltor produces animal-free proteins such as collagen and elastin; has raised $116.3M to date . link

OpenSpace, a service for capturing and hosting 360-degree images of construction sites, raises $15.9M Series B led by Menlo Ventures; images are captured by workers on location, and then stitched together by OpenSpace’s AI-powered cloud platform; has raised $33.4M to date . link

Brazil’s antitrust watchdog Cade has asked Facebook to explain the merchant fees for its WhatsApp payments product; Cade says it’s also trying to ascertain whether other card services firms can join the platform; Brazil blocked WhatsApp’s remittance product shortly after launch . link

Language learning app Tandem raises £4.5M (~$5.7M) Series A led by Brighteye Ventures with participation from Trind Ventures and others; the Germany-based firm connects users who are looking to practice a second language; supports English, Spanish, French, and more . link

Tencent makes a ~$3.5B bid to take full control of China-based search company Sogou, reports The Register; Tencent currently owns ~40 percent of the firm, and is offering $9 apiece for the shares it doesn’t hold; Sogou says it’s considering the offer; if approved, Sogou will delist from the New York Stock Exchange .Bloomberg says Tencent is offering $2.1B for the outstanding shares; the $9 per share bid is a 57 percent premium on Sogou’s July 24 closing price . link

Ma Wei-Ying, head of ByteDance’s AI lab, is leaving the company, according to a source for The Information; Beijing-based Ma has overseen research for ByteDance’s various subsidiaries, including TikTok; Ma will be taking up a new post at China’s Tsinghua University . link

Facebook files a legal challenge over document requests by the European Commission (EC); the company says the EC’s solicitations are overly broad, and that it’s being asked to hand over “predominantly irrelevant” files such as personnel paperwork that includes medical and financial data . link

Healthtech firm Ro (aka Roman) raises $200M on a $1.5B post-money valuation led by General Catalyst; Ro offers direct-to-user prescription products; has raised $376M . link

Hong Kong-based fintech firm EMQ raises $20M Series B led by WI Harper Group with participation from AppWorks, Abu Dhabi Capital, and others; provides cross-border remittance tools to financial services companies; has raised $26.5M to date . link

Analytics platform Waydev discloses a data breach; hackers have taken GitHub and GitLab OAuth tokens from its servers; the company says those tokens are now being leveraged to attack other firms; follows the hack of banking app Dave . link

Murthy Renduchintala, chief engineering officer at Intel, steps down; Renduchintala oversaw the firm’s Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group; the division is being split into five distinct teams - architecture, technology development, design engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management; the heads of each unit will directly report to CEO Bob Swan . link

Amazon says it will expand its Fresh grocery service in the UK; Fresh operates in partnership with supermarket chain Morrisons, and is currently available in select parts of the country; will be rolled out to new locations including Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Manchester by the end of the year . link

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Huawei is cutting as much as 70 percent of its staff in India, according to sources for The Economic Times; the firm is also reducing its regional revenue target for 2020 by up to 50 percent; follows moves by the Indian government banning state-backed carriers from using Huawei and ZTE equipment . link

Raymond James analyst Chris Caso says Intel’s delay in producing 7nm chips is a “stunning failure”; Caso posits it could signal the end of Intel’s market dominance; also cites Intel’s consideration to outsource some of its manufacturing to third parties . link

TN-based SaaS firm FreightWaves raises $37M from Kayne Partners Fund and an undisclosed backer; FreightWaves provides analysis and other info to logistics firms; has raised $75M to date . link

Shares in Taiwan-based chipmaker TSMC rise 9.6 percent to $73.90 apiece; follows Intel’s announcement its 7nm chips are delayed; AMD has also seen its share price rise since Intel’s disclosure . link

India is considering banning an additional 275 China-based apps, according to sources for The Economic Times; includes Alibaba’s AliExpress and battle royale game “PubG”; the government previously blocked 59 apps such as WeChat and TikTok .Update: the Indian government has banned 47 apps for facilitating access to previously blocked services such as TikTok; includes Cam Scanner Advance, which links users to the prohibited Cam Scanner app . link

The European Commission says EU nations must do more to diversify the equipment used in their 5G networks; the EU previously committed to not let a single supplier gain market dominance; follows a report France has instituted a de facto ban against Huawei . link

SAP announces a spin out and IPO for survey company Qualtrics; SAP acquired the firm for $8B in 2018; Qualtrics co-founder and former CEO Ryan Smith will lead the standalone unit once again; SAP will retain a majority stake, but Smith will be Qualtrics’ largest individual shareholder .Watch Jason speak with Smith on This Week in Startups: link

China-based EV firm Li Auto plans to raise as much as $950M via a US IPO; Li is aiming to sell 95M shares at $8 to $10 apiece; the unprofitable company produces SUVs with a starting price of ~$21k . link

4chan users post leaked files purportedly containing archive data for classic Nintendo games; includes source code and development files for “Super Mario World,” “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,” and more; details of the breach unknown, but some speculate it’s linked to an earlier hack which led to Pokemon code appearing online . link

Banking app Dave acknowledges it has suffered a security breach; unclear exactly how many people are affected, but records for 7.5M users have appeared online; includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more; Dave says the hackers gained access via third-party analytics platform Waydev . link

European Data Protection Board warns there is no regulatory grace period after the Court of Justice struck down Privacy Shield, a data-flow arrangement between the EU and US; companies still using the mechanism to transfer data are doing so illegally, and must find another mechanism by which to protect data from US surveillance . link

Entri, an Indian startup offering educational resources for employment exams, raises $3.1M; offers video classes, study cards, and exams in multiple languages; claims 3M users, up from 1.5M earlier this year; claims ~90k paid subscribers and ~10k new paid subscribers each month; raised $4.3M to date . link

Seoul-based Riiid, which develops an AI-powered test prep platform, raises $41.8M; the Santa platform, accessible via web and chatbot, prepares learners for the Test of English for International Communication, which is used by employers; raised $70.2M to date . link

Purported Oculus Quest marketing image leaked on Twitter with the date September 15; the tweet came from user WalkingCat, who has released credible leaks in the past; Nikkei Asian Review recently reported Oculus planned to begin mass production of a new headset around the end of July . link

Google is replacing Nest thermostats suffering a Wi-Fi chip error that prevents remote control; affected devices continue to work, and users can adjust them manually . link

Instagram says it's fixing a bug that causes the app to indicate the camera is in use when it isn't; swiping to the Camera from the Feed and other actions can set the indicator off; Instagram said the app does not access the camera in those instances and does not record . link

An unknown hacker has been sabotaging the Emotet botnet, which sends emails containing or linking to malicious Office files that download malware from hacked WordPress sites to target systems; the hacker has been replacing malicious payloads with harmless animated GIFs; Emotet was down for ~five months but reactivated last week; the vigilante began the sabotage shortly thereafter . link

Garmin's recent outage, which affected the company's call centers, wearables, apps, and services for aircraft pilots, was a result of a WastedLocker ransomware attack, according to a Garmin employee speaking with BleepingComputer; the company publicly attributed the downtime to a virus . link

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Apple provides retail team members and hourly workers with up to four hours paid time off for Election Day; workers can use the time for voting or to volunteer at a polling place . link

NY-based health insurance company Oscar Health raises $225M from Alphabet, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, others; serves 420k members across 15 states, providing direct-to-consumer health insurance; raised $1.5B to date . link

Cybersecurity company CyCognito raises $30M Series B led by Accel; identifies and eliminates critical security risks in IT ecosystems; the funding will enable expansion of sales, marketing, and engineering teams; raised $53M to date . link

CalypsoAI, which provides Vespr platform for validating, monitoring, and securing AI, raises $13M Series A led by Paladin Capital Group; serves businesses and governments with software for reducing bias, monitoring for compliance, more; raised $15.2M to date . link

TikTok blocks multiple hashtags associated with the QAnon conspiracy theories from search results, BBC reports; the company did not remove videos using the hashtags; affected hashtags include link

AB Tasty, which operates AI-powered platforms for product personalization, experimentation, and optimization, raises $40M Series C led by Credit Mutuel Innovation; provides analytics, product recommendation APIs, more; clients include Avid, Sephora, and USA Today; raised ~$66M to date . link

House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee reschedules hearing with big tech CEOs for noon Eastern on Wednesday; the subcommittee postponed the hearing, originally slated for Monday, due to a service for civil rights leader Rep John Lewis, who died on July 17; the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are slated to appear at the hearing; Republicans have requested Jack Dorsey appear . link

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Headphone company Koss files patent infringement suits against five competitors, including Apple and Bose; Koss disclosed last year that its Intellectual Property Enforcement Program would target licensing agreements and potentially suits; the company alleges competitors stole IP from its Striva line or products . link

Special purpose acquisition company Dragoneer Growth Opportunities files for IPO with a $600M raise target; Dragoneer will invest an additional $150M to merge with an as yet undetermined target; will focus on financial services, consumer, retail, more; previously invested in Uber, Slack, Alibaba . link

Apple begins production of the flagship iPhone 11 at the Foxconn factory in Chennai; marks the first time the company has built a top-of-the-line iPhone in India; sources speaking with The Economic Times said Apple might export the device to reduce reliance on Chinese production; the company reportedly is considering producing the new iPhone SE in Bengaluru . link

Verizon ($235B market cap) Q2 beats: $30.4B revenue, down 5.1 percent year-over-year ($29.98B expected); $1.18 EPS, down from $1.23 for the year-earlier period ($1.16 expected); 119.9M active wireless connections; 3.7 percent device upgrade rate, down from 4.3 percent for the year-earlier period . link

Instacart says reused passwords enabled cybercriminals to steal data belonging to 200k-plus users, and that the company's systems were not breached or compromised; thieves listed the data, which included names and partial card numbers, for sale on the dark web; Instacart said the thieves obtained the data from caches from third-party site and app hacks . link

National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) and TikTok enter a licensing agreement covering TikTok's past use of works from the three major music publishers and multiple independent labels; also provides opt-in options for future use; the NMPA previously accused TikTok of consistently violating copyrights and indicated a lawsuit was likely . link

This Week in StartupsJason speaks with Masterworks Founder and CEO Scott Lynn about art as an asset class, the indicators of rapidly appreciating art, the impact of globalization and COVID-19 on Masterworks' investing volume, the most valuable piece of art in the world, more . link

The latest beta version of macOS Big Sur includes references to a TrueDepth camera and other terms indicating that Apple plans to bring Face ID to the Mac; Apple previously said that Macs running the company's in-house chips would feature the same Neural Engine as iPhone and iPad; Apple plans to launch its first Arm-based Mac this year, and it could feature Face ID . link

Rivian plans to begin deliveries of the R1T pickup truck in June of next year and deliveries of the R1S SUV in August 2021; the company has launched a pilot production line at its Normal, IL facility; Rivian had intended to launch the vehicles at the end of this year but postponed due to the pandemic . link

Financial services company Revolut raises $80M Series D from TSG Consumer Partners at a $5.5B valuation, bringing the round total to $580M; provides mobile-first banking, payments, currency exchange, more; claims 12M users . link

The EU's conditions for Google's $2.1B acquisition of Fitbit require that Google make Fitbit data available to third parties, according to Ars Technica sources; the EU also demanded Google promise it wouldn't use Fitbit data to enhance its search advantage; sources said a refusal from Google would likely result in a prolonged investigation . link

The Department of Energy announces a plan to develop a quantum internet to run alongside the existing Web; the department's Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar indicated some of the federal government's $500M-$700M in annual quantum investments would fund the project but didn't detail expected costs . link

Garmin suffers outage affecting its wearables, apps, and call centers; the company hasn't revealed details but employees said on social media the outage was the result of a ransomware attack; an internal memo attributed the downtime to a virus . link

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AR startup Mira raises $10M seed (extension) led by Sequoia and Happiness Ventures; the company offers an AR headset aimed at industrial use; has raised ~$13M to date . link

Digital asset management platform Cambrian raises $4.2M seed from Howard Morgan, the Charles Johnson Family Office, and others; Cambrian offers tools for accredited investors and family offices . link

Google is removing fees for merchants who use its Buy on Google checkout service; companies have previously been charged a commission of 5 percent to 15 percent for products sold through Google Express or its Search pages; Google is also adding support for third-party payment providers Shopify and PayPal . link

NY lawmakers approve a bill to suspend the use of facial recognition tech within schools for two years; is signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, the law will block such tech until July 1 2022; the city of Lockport, NY, approved the use of facial recognition tools in schools earlier this year; the New York Civil Liberties Union has since filed a lawsuit against the city . link

Facebook Messenger adds broadcast support for video chats; allows Messenger Rooms conversations featuring up to 50 participants to be live-streamed to a broader audience; Messenger Room creators can moderate those on the call and choose who can view the live stream . link

Intel CEO Bob Swan says the company could outsource chip manufacturing to third-parties; speaking during an earnings call, Swan notes such a move would give the company more flexibility; Intel has produced its own chips since it was founded in 1968 . link

HBO Max attracted 4.1M subscribers in its first month, according to parent firm AT&T; by comparison, Disney+ brought in more than 10M customers in its first 24 hours; AT&T says it’s aiming for 50M HBO and HBO Max customers by 2025; speaking during an earnings call, AT&T CEO John Stankey criticized Amazon for not making HBO Max available on its platform . link

SpaceX is in talks to raise ~$1B on a valuation of ~$44B, according to Bloomberg sources; SpaceX is expected to secure the funding within a couple of months; Morgan Stanley recently predicted SpaceX could eventually be worth as much as $175B; has raised ~$3.5B to date . link

France-based enterprise collaboration platform iObeya raises $17M led by Red River West with participation from Atlantic Bridge Capital and Fortino Capital Partners; offers an online environment for teams working across multiple sites; has raised $20M to date . link

Twitter ($30.2B market cap) Q2 mixed: $683M revenue, down 19 percent year-on-year ($707M expected); $1.39 LPS; ad revenue down 23 percent year-on-year; 186M monetizable DAUs, up 34 percent year-on-year (172.8M expected); Twitter’s share rose 4.1 percent after the report . link

Intel delays the launch of 7nm processors by six months; the company is now 12 months behind its internal goals; Intel says the hold up is because of degradation issues within its yields; the firm notes Granite Rapids, its first planned 7nm chips, are now not expected to appear in devices until 2022 or 2023 . link

Intel ($256B market cap) Q2 beats with $19.73B ($18.55B expected); $1.23 EPS ($1.11 expected); the company expects $18.2B revenue for FQ3; Intel did not provide full-year guidance with its FQ1 report due to the pandemic, but issued it with the Q2 report: $75B in revenue, a four-percent increase over last year, and $4.85 EPS (adjusted) . link

Customer contact platform Talkdesk raises $143M Series C from Franklin Templeton, Lead Edge Capital, and others; the $3B valuation roughly triples that of a Series B in Oct 2018; revenue for the quarter ending April 30 was up 100 percent from the year-earlier period; the firm claims 1.1k employees and is hiring aggressively; CEO Tiago Paiva hinted that an IPO could be near; raised $267M to date . link

Facebook to pay $650M to settle a class-action suit over the company's use of facial recognition tech; Facebook revised its proposal after the judge said a $550M payout would not adequately punish the firm; the settlement affects users in IL who had their photos on Facebook after 2011; depending on how many people file claims, the company will pay out between $200 and $400 per person . link

Internal Facebook communications reveal growing criticism of company leadership regarding the handling of President Trump's account, hate speech, more; the company reportedly was slow to take down Nazi and white nationalist content after employees filed reports; employees reportedly have challenged leadership at meetings, more . link

Walmart-owned Flipkart acquires Walmart India: 28 membership-based B2B stores operating as Best Price Modern Wholesale; India prohibits Walmart from selling directly to consumers via superstores and e-commerce operations; the deal, which includes 5.2k employees, will establish Flipkart Wholesale later this summer . link

Tesla files suit against EV company Rivian, alleging theft of trade secrets and poaching of employees; the suit accuses four former employees of stealing IP and taking it to Rivian; the company suspects two others as well; Tesla previously filed suit against former employees who allegedly stole IP for Xpeng Motors and Zoox . link

Jared Kushner called the CEOs of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile to complain after a third-party company that screens text messages for carriers blocked mass texts from President Trump's re-election campaign; the carriers reportedly argued that the messages possibly violated FCC rules and federal robocall regulations; the campaign's communications director told Business Insider the blocks amounted to suppression of political speech . link

TikTok announces the $200M Creator Fund to finance US-based creators; starting next month, creators over 18 who consistently post original content, and who have a minimum but unspecified number of followers, can apply for consideration; TikTok will disburse the funds over the coming year . link

TX Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) might sue Apple over deceptive trade practices as part of an investigation involving multiple undisclosed states; the Tech Transparency Project obtained a March document regarding the probe, but it doesn't detail the practices in question . link

Amazon is in preliminary talks to acquire a 9.9-percent stake in Reliance Jio's Reliance Retail, according to Indian news channel ET Now; Reliance Retail is India's largest retail chain, serving 3.5M customers each week; Chairman Mukesh Ambani recently said several suitors had expressed interest in acquiring Reliance Retail . link

Home media server company Plex launches Live TV with 80 channels, available for free to subscribers and unpaid users; the selection includes news, sports, comedy; the service includes a new timeline guide, which Plex plans to integrate with its previously launched product for recording shows . link

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WhatsApp says it plans to offer various financial services to lower-income users in parts of India; the Facebook-owned company has been working with several local banks to explore ways of delivering insurance, credit, and pension services in rural areas; WhatsApp says it's also looking at ways to help digitize SMEs; the firm will pilot several new services, though it’s unclear when they will roll out . link

Apple begins offering modified iPhones to security researchers who wish to hunt for flaws; the devices allow users to run custom programs and provide deeper access to system data; those approved for the program must commit to sharing their findings with Apple . link

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sues YouTube alleging the platform has allowed scammers to use his name and image; Wozniak claims he has asked YouTube to remove videos that use his identity in a scam that falsely promises to double people’s bitcoin; Wozniak says the firm has been unresponsive to his requests . link

UK-based fintech firm Selina Finance raises £42M (~$53M) debt and equity from Picus Capital, Global Founders Capital, and others; offers online credit facilities of up to £1M (~$1.3M) to SMEs . link

Spotify has signed a new multi-year licensing agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG); terms undisclosed; the two companies say they will collaborate on marketing and more; UMG will also get early access to new Spotify features; the Wall Street Journal notes the deal could see UMG paying to access some marketing and data tools . link

Singapore-based influencer marketing platform Partipost raises $3.5M led by SPH Ventures with participation from Quest Ventures and others; Partipost let's anyone sign up to become a brand ambassador; most campaigns require a follower count of at least 200 users . link

The New York Times acquires podcast firm Serial Productions; terms undisclosed; the company was founded by Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder, and Ira Glass after the success of their first season of the “Serial” podcast; as part of the deal The New York Times will establish a “creative and strategic alliance” with “This American Life” . link

Twitter says hackers accessed direct messages for 36 of the 130 accounts targeted in a mass attack last week; details of the targets undisclosed, but Twitter notes at least one of them was a Dutch elected official . link

Elon Musk announces Tesla has chosen Austin, TX for its latest plant; the $1B+ facility will be used to produce Cybertruck, as well as Model Y and Model 3 vehicles; Musk says construction on the site began at the weekend; he also says parts of the location will be open to the public, promising a boardwalk, a biking trail, and more . link

Republicans call on Jack Dorsey to testify at a House antitrust hearing on Monday alongside the CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google; Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in a letter to Democratic leadership that Republicans wanted to question Dorsey about Twitter's position in the marketplace, its content moderation, and recent security breaches . link

Microsoft ($1.61T market cap) FQ4 beats: $38B revenue, up from $33.7B in the year-earlier period ($36.5B expected); $1.46 EPS ($1.37 expected); $11.2B profit, down 15 percent year-over-year; $143B revenue for the fiscal year, up 14 percent; $44.3B full-year profit, up 13 percent . link

Tesla ($295B market cap) Q2 beats: $6.04B revenue ($5.37B expected); $2.18 EPS (adjusted - $0.03 expected); $5.38B automotive revenue, down from $5.18B in the second quarter of last year; $420M in regulatory credits, up from $111.2M in the second quarter of 2019; marks Tesla's fourth consecutive quarter of profitability, making the company eligible for inclusion in the S&P 500 . link

An Apple-commissioned report indicates the company's App Store commissions are comparable to that of other app stores and digital content marketplaces; Analysis Group, the firm Apple previously commissioned for a study that showed Apple didn't take cuts from most App Store transactions, conducted the new research; Apple faces antitrust investigations in the US and UK . link

Nvidia recently expressed interest in acquiring ARM from SoftBank, according to Bloomberg sources; multiple outlets reported this month SoftBank was exploring options to sell ARM or list it publicly; SoftBank acquired ARM for $32B in 2016 . link

Facebook plans action against accounts associated with the QAnon right-wing conspiracy theory, according to employees speaking with The New York Times; Facebook reportedly has been working on the issue in cooperation with multiple social media companies, including Twitter, which recently took action to limit the spread of QAnon content . link

Universal enters licensing agreement with Spotify and joins the latter's two-sided marketplace for marketing, data, more; the companies did not disclose details of the deal; investors have pressured Spotify to create new income streams as it pays out most revenue to labels and publishers; Spotify is expanding to Russia and 12 more Eastern European countries this month . link

Italian antitrust officials search Amazon and Apple's local offices as part of an investigation into whether the companies conspired to prevent retailers that aren't in Apple's official program from selling beats headphones . link

Apple plans a 2022 iPhone with a periscope telephoto lens from South Korean lens supplier Semco, according to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who previously said Apple was working with Taiwan's Genius Electronic Optical on the initiative; the tech enables strong optical zoom capabilities . link

Samsung unveils the $1.45k Galaxy Z Flip 5G, slated to ship Aug 7; the device has the same body as its 4G predecessor, but with an upgraded Snapdragon 865 Plus processor; supports Sub-6 spectrum, not mmWave; coming to AT&T and T-Mobile in the US; Samsung will also release an unlocked version . link

MN-based Apple device management company Jamf increases its IPO price range from $17-$19 to $21-$23 per share; the midpoint of the new range would value the firm at $2.56B; Vista Equity acquired the majority stake in Jamf for $734M in 2017 . link

Slack files an EU antitrust complaint against Microsoft, alleging the company is abusing its market dominance by bundling Teams with Office 365 and preventing users from separately uninstalling the app; Slack also contests Teams' limited interoperability; Slack requested the EU compel Microsoft to break Teams out of Office 365 and sell it as a standalone product . link

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Insurtech firm Hippo raises $150M Series E on a $1.5B post-money valuation from FinTLV Ventures, Ribbit Capital, and others; the company offers home insurance policies underpinned by the use of satellite imagery, IoT sensors, and more; has raised ~$360M to date . link

Officials in Bangladesh have ordered telcos to stop zero-rating social media platforms; the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission claims cost-free access to such services has led to increased criminal behavior; Facebook operates its Free Basics service in the country, though it’s unclear if it will be affected by the edict . link

Israel-based agritech firm Taranis raises $30M Series C led by Vertex Growth and Orion Fund with participation from Hitachi Ventures and others; Taranis uses drone imagery and AI analysis to monitor the health of crops; has raised $57.5M to date . link

The Pakistani government bans China-based social video app Bigo, citing “immoral, obscene, and vulgar content”; officials have also warned TikTok it could be blocked if it does not improve its moderation . link

Fintech startup Meemo emerges from stealth, raises $10M seed led by Saama Capital, Greycroft, Monashees, and Sierra Ventures; offers a social finance app that promises to reward users for spending with certain merchants; includes a dashboard for viewing credit card spending and more . link

E-commerce firm Rakuten will not renew a lease with WeWork Japan, according to Bloomberg sources; Rakuten has rented ~700 desks from WeWork in Tokyo, but the deal is set to expire next month; Rakuten will relocate those workers to its own offices; WeWork’s occupancy in Japan has reportedly dropped to ~60 percent of its capacity amid the coronavirus pandemic . link

Fiat Chrysler and Waymo expand their partnership to co-develop autonomous cargo vans; the firms will initially adapt Fiat Chrysler’s Ram ProMaster vehicles for use by Waymo’s logistics unit; the agreement indicates the companies could also provide the self-driving vans to third-parties .Update: the deal is exclusive, thereby ending Fiat Chrysler’s 18-month partnership with Aurora, reports the Financial Times; Aurora was founded by former Waymo engineer Chris Urmson . link

Snap ($36B market cap) Q2 mixed: $454M revenue, up 17 percent year-on-year ($439M expected); $326M loss, 28 percent year-on-year; $1.91 ARPU ($1.87 expected); 238M DAUs, up 17 percent year-on-year; the company’s shares fell more than 11 percent in after-hours trading .Snap says the coronavirus pandemic could negatively impact its ad revenue in Q3; the company cites uncertainty over sports leagues and the back-to-school period as areas of concern; Snap notes Q3 is currently up 32 percent year-on-year, but doesn’t necessarily expect it to hold . link

TikTok says it will add 10k jobs in the US Over the next three years; the firm will hire for a range of positions including engineering, sales, and content moderation across CA, NY, and TX; TikTok’s US workforce has almost tripled this year, growing from 500 staff to more than 1.4k . link

Twitter says it will no longer recommend QAnon conspiracy theory content on its platform; the company will limit the spread of QAnon-related tweets via trend searches and email suggestions; the firm says the move will impact 150k accounts; Twitter has also removed 7k accounts because of targeted harassment . link

Google announces 11 new G Suite security features including Brand Indicators for Message Identification in Gmail, new Meet restrictions limiting who can request to join meetings, new phishing protections for Chat, more . link

Microsoft launches third-party app integrations for Teams; the apps can display content and notifications during calls; they can also provide functionality before and after calls . link

Salesforce to shut down Einstein Voice Assistant and Voice Skills; the company said that conversational tech remained a priority and that the discontinued products would inform future work; Salesforce is shifting focus to its Anywhere app fro team collaboration . link

SoundCloud Founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, and Jimdo Co-Founder Christian Springub announce Dance, an electric bike subscription service slated to launch in Berlin this month; the startup delivers and maintains bikes with theft protection and promises to immediately replace stolen bikes; runs $68 per month . link

Norwegian online marketplace company Adevinta ASA to acquire eBay's classified-ads business for $9.2B: $2.5B in cash, 540M Adevinta shares; the unit is one of the last eBay has beyond its core auction business; activist investors have pushed the company to simplify operations; eBay will retain a 44-percent stake in the combined entity and 33 percent voting rights . link

Instagram begins testing personal fundraisers for users aged 18-plus in the US, UK, and Ireland; initially limited to Android, coming to iOS; the company reviews all campaigns before launch; the company previously launched cause-specific fundraisers (COVID-19, racial justice), fundraisers for Instagram Live, and donation buttons for nonprofits; personal fundraisers allow users to raise funds for tuition, business, etc . link

Facebook launches a new label for some posts that mention voting; the company has used the label on posts from President Trump and Joe Biden without fact-checking post content; for example, Facebook labeled a post in which Trump associated mail-in ballots with corruption, and used the same label for a post in Which Joe Biden urged readers to vote out Trump in November; the label links users to a government site about voting . link

Robinhood postpones UK expansion indefinitely, will focus on the US; the company began recruiting for the UK launch in January 2019 and opened a waitlist for UK users last November; Robinhood is shutting down its UK site and will delete data from the 250k people who joined the waitlist (in compliance with privacy regulation); TechCrunch reports the company will transfer some UK staffers to US projects . link

LinkedIn announces 960 job cuts representing six percent of the company's workforce; affects sales and hiring around the world; CEO Ryan Roslansky said the company would provide those impacted in the US with at least ten weeks severance and one year of health insurance coverage; LinkedIn will first tap laid-off staff when hiring for new roles . link

Apple commits to reaching carbon neutrality across its entire footprint, including supply chain and product life cycles, by 2030; the company's global corporate emissions are already net-zero; Apple's latest Environmental Progress Report details plans for reducing emissions and for carbon removal efforts; the firm also produced a roadmap for other companies . link

Ubisoft has ignored and mishandled sexual misconduct claims over the years, according to current and former Ubisoft employees speaking with Bloomberg; sources said the company fostered a racist and misogynistic culture, responded to complaints insufficiently, and even undermined victims; CEO Yves Guillemot announced executive departures this month as a result of allegations . link

Spotify launches video podcasts for free and paid users around the world; initially limited to select creators; Spotify promises seamless transitions between audio and video versions of content for background playback; all video podcasts will include audio-only versions; shows include originals, exclusives, and third-party content; Spotify has not disclosed its ads strategy for video podcasts . link

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Samsung says it plans to launch five new devices at its Galaxy Unpacked event on Aug 5; the firm has not disclosed what those products will be; Samsung says it’s also spending more on R&D, despite the coronavirus pandemic . link

Ride-hailing firm Gett raises $100M primary capital from unnamed investors; Gett operates B2B ride services in the UK, Israel, and more; has raised $750M to date . link

SoftBank is looking to sell its analytics unit Treasure Data for ~$1B, according to Bloomberg sources; SoftBank has hired Goldman Sachs to help find a buyer; SoftBank-owned chipmaker Arm acquired Treasure Data in 2018 for ~$600M . link

Ant Group plans to raise as much as $10B via its dual IPO, according to Bloomberg sources; the company could seek a valuation of at least $200B; Ant Group has chosen several banks to work on the listings including China International Capital and Citigroup; unknown when it will list . link

Renders of the purported Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra leak; indicates Note 20 will have a flat display, while Note 20 Ultra has a curved screen; Samsung is expected to announce the devices at its Galaxy Unpacked event on Aug 5 .Galaxy Note 20 Ultra render: link

UK-based materials firm Polymateria raises £15M (~$19M) from Planet First Partners; the company is developing fully biodegradable plastics, which promise to leave zero micro-plastics behind; Polymateria works in partnership with London's Imperial College University . link

US smartphone sales dropped 25 percent during Q2, according to Counterpoint Research data; Samsung’s sell-through numbers dropped 10 percent, Apple fell 23 percent, and OnePlus declined 60 percent; Counterpoint notes the latest iPhone SE helped reduce Apple’s fall . link

Jeff Bezos’ net worth increased by $13B yesterday, reports Bloomberg; represents the biggest single day increase for anyone on record; Bezos currently has a net worth of $189.3B; his worth has increased by $74B this year alone . link

Indonesia-based ride-hailing firm Gojek names Severan Rault as CTO; Rault previously held exec roles at Amazon and Microsoft; replaces Ajey Gore, who stepped down last month . link

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo acquires insurtech firm Majesco for $594M; Thoma Bravo is paying $13.10 per share, a 71 percent premium on Majesco’s July 17 closing price; NJ-based Majesco provides cloud-based tools to insurance firms . link

Germany-based Dance launches a €60 (~$67) per month e-bike subscription service; currently invite-only for people in Berlin, the company promises to deliver an e-bike within 24 hours of ordering; Dance promises to immediately replace a bike if it is stolen or in need of repair . link

Amazon confirms its annual Prime Day shopping event in the US is delayed until an unspecified date; last year Prime Day in the US happened July 15 through July 17; the company will hold Prime Day in India from Aug 6 through Aug 7 . link

The New York Times examines the gaming industry's response to numerous allegations of sexual misconduct at studios, streamer talent agencies, more; the Times notes the industry has reckoned with sexism and harassment before (Gamergate in 2014, #MeToo in 2019), and the latest wave of accusations might not inspire systemic change . link

Multiple countries express concern that Google's contact-tracing software requires GPS to be enabled; when Google and Apple released the tech, they said apps integrating it would not need to track users' locations; Switzerland and Latvia pressed the company to remove the GPS requirement; Denmark’s Health Ministry said it planned to engage Google on the issue . link

Google announces Maps update that adds docked bike-share stations for point-to-point directions and navigation; rolling out over the coming weeks to 10 cities including New York City, London, and Mexico City; Google reported a 69-percent increase in requests for cycling directions in Maps since February . link

IBM ($112.2B market cap) Q2 beats with $18.1B revenue, down 5.4 percent year-over-year; $1.52 EPS; $6.3B cloud-computing revenue, up 30 percent year-over-year; IBM withdrew its full-year guidance in April and has laid off thousands in recent months . link

Adobe hires former Google Distinguished Engineer Marc Levoy to develop a universal camera app; Levoy led the team that brought computational photography to Pixel phones, and he will continue in that field at Adobe; Levoy also worked on the camera for Google Glass Explorer Edition and launched the research project that became Street View for Google Maps . link

CA-based autonomous driving tech company Aurora to deploy a small fleet of cars and semi trucks to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for testing; the company expects to launch its first commercial services in the trucking industry; co-founded by Chris Urmson (who previously led Google's self-driving car initiative, now Waymo), Tesla's Sterling Anderson, and Drew Bagnell of Carnegie Mellon and Uber . link

Alipay parent Ant Group, formerly Ant Financial, plans dual IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s STAR board; the Alibaba affiliate said the listings would accelerate the digitization of China's service industry; the company, with a reported valuation of $150B, did not disclose how much it plans to raise or when it plans to debut . link

Snapchat launches its first Minis: simple HTML apps that run within Chat, some collaborative; the company launched study tool Flashcards, meditation app Headspace, Snap-made Let’s Do It (which helps friends decide what to do), and messaging app Prediction Master . link

Microsoft plans to launch the first commercial version of Windows 10X in spring 2021, according to ZDNet sources; the company initially developed the OS for dual-screen devices but announced this year it would rework the software, which features a simplified interface, for single-screen devices; Microsoft reportedly plans to launch a single-screen version for business and education customers first, then a dual-screen variant in spring of 2022 . link

China is considering retaliatory measures against the Chinese operations of European telecom equipment makers Ericsson and Nokia should EU member states prohibit Huawei from contributing to 5G networks, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal; one source said the Ministry of Commerce was considering export controls that would prevent Ericsson and Nokia from shipping their China-made products to other countries . link

Apple files to patent tech that could enable the Pencil to detect the colors of real-world objects; the feature could enable users to select colors for drawing on iPad or a future iPhone, check the accuracy of colors in photographs, and accurately read medical test strips . link

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry announces $536M in subsidies for 57 companies to incentivize investments in Japanese production; the government will also provide undisclosed subsidies for an additional 30 companies to invest in South-East Asia; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe previously said Japanese companies needed to bring production back to Japan to reduce reliance on any one nation, such as China . link